What We Do


Product Assembly

(including Sub-Assembly and Final Assembly)

We specialize in electronics and consumer goods. Increase your manufacturing capacity, reduce costs for overtime and temporary labor, and lock in fixed cost pricing with our product assembly services.


Order and eCommerce Fulfillment

Consumers and business place orders. We package and ship them out so you can focus on growing your business.  We’re fast, reliable and can integrate with a variety of inventory management systems to provide the transparency you need.

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We inventory your products and accurately package them together for the next phase of your manufacturing process. When orders are placed, we pull all SKU’s and package them together.  We then ship the orders to your destination of choice.



Pine Ridge Industries is a trusted partner in helping companies increase productivity and save money.  We work with you to develop a process to assemble your products to specification and quality standards.


Pick, Pack & Ship

E-commerce companies use Pine Ridge Industries to help them fulfill orders that are placed online.  We inspect and inventory your product and then store the items in our facility. When we receive orders from your customers, we pick the items and package them to your specifications.  When the order is complete, we ship it to your customer using your software of choice.


Product Testing and Inspection

Our skilled team can help establish a reliable process to test your products against a specific standard or regulation or inspect them making sure they are in compliance with specifications.  Our service is reliable, affordable and can help your company quickly scale up operations.



Our affordable contract labeling service is customized to your needs. We can work with a variety of packaging products including bottles, cardboard boxes, and other materials. Contact us to discuss your project!

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Many companies need extra capacity in the production of their sub-assemblies. Pine Ridge Industries’ talented work force can quickly deliver the service and quality you need to scale up your operation.


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Document Destruction

Pine Ridge Industries is available to serve as the third-party liaison for businesses and agencies who have secure document destruction needs. Our team will work with you to coordinate secure document destruction with our certified partner, Shred-It/Stericycle. We pick-up from you, securely deliver to Shred-It’s destruction location, always keeping your document bins refreshed and ready.

(partnership with Shred-It/Stericycle)

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Employee Retention Services through Employer Resource Network

The Employer Resource Network (ERN) is an innovative solution supporting businesses to improve employee performance, reduce turnover costs, and create a better workplace culture. This network of regional employers from various industries share the cost of an on-site Success Coach who serves as a private resource that employees can access on a predictable, ongoing basis.  Success Coaches have been helping thousands of employees across the region for several years, serving as a direct conduit to community resources & services, providing fast relief for many issues that employees face, such as reliable transportation, workplace conflict, childcare, housing barriers, family challenges, and more.

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PRI has a small team of trained and supported staff with intellectual and developmental disabilities to meet your light janitorial needs in your facilities.  This includes daily or weekly janitorial maintenance of bathrooms, common areas, kitchens, and more.  While providing necessary janitorial services to your business, our staff is trained in the valuable skills they will need for career advancement and future job opportunities.